To Work and Earn

As CLBC members, we are constantly reminded of our African American history and contributions to our state’s progress through our labor and entrepreneurism.

The ability to work and earn a living is fundamental to the exercise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in California. While California represents the sixth largest economy in the world, economic fluctuations can often quickly send our state careening from ‘Boom Times to Bust’.

Because we believe that no population of Californians knows the fast-changing, long-lasting impact of these economic forces better than our state’s African American residents, we have established a Black Enterprise Economic Development Initiative as the second of our twin public policy pillars for our CLBC Agenda 2020.

CLBC Black Enterprise Initiative

  • Increase the number of African American contractors doing business with the State of California.
  • Reduce African American unemployment rates by addressing the challenges in the small business community.
  • Protect and preserve home ownership
  • Promote training and vocational education opportunities, especially in economic sectors like to grow in the future
  • Support workforce development efforts in human service occupations.