2022 African American Leaders for Tomorrow Program

The 2022 African-American Leaders for Tomorrow (AALT) application deadline is May 2, 2022.

For more information, please call (916) 319-3868 or send us an email at clbc.info@legislature.ca.gov

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Please see the requirements and descriptions for the essays below.

Essay Requirements:
1. Each essay must be typewritten on a separate page. Include your full name at the top of each page.
2. Make sure your response pertains to the questions asked.
3. Each response must be 300 to 500 words.

Essay One: Leadership
Discuss your leadership ability and potential. Include an explanation of why you feel you are qualified to participate in the conference. Also, discuss your expectations of how this conference will enhance your leadership ability and potential as well as support you in reaching your educational goals.

Essay Two: Personal Statement
Write a descriptive piece about goals, achievements, or obstacles you have encountered in your academic life. Explain why attending college is important to you. You can also write about your preferred colleges, area of study you would like to focus on or even about your career aspirations.

To complete your registration for the 2022 AALT in-person, on-campus immersion program:

1. Complete website registration form
2. Email 2 Essays (personal statement and leadership)
3. Email current high school transcript.
4. Email one letter of recommendation: The letter can come from a school official or a community member who is not related to you.
5. Email applicant photo

Please email attachments #2-5 in one zip file to CLBC.Info@legislature.ca.gov (Please add "Student name-2022 AALT" in subject line when submitting).