CLBC Honors the Memory of Nelson Mandela

December 5, 2013

SACRAMENTO – December 5, 2013 – The members of the California Legislative Black Caucus today expressed their deep felt sorrow at the passing of Nelson Mandela. He was not only a great hero to the people of South Africa but to the world. He will remain a symbol of how much can be accomplished by personal sacrifice, perseverance and compassion.

CLBC Chair and state Senator Holly J. Mitchell states, “Nelson Mandela was, in the tradition of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., a true “leader-servant.” He harkened to the needs of the oppressed, blazed a trail to freedom and invited all to join in building a brighter future.”

“The sacrifices he made compelled the humanity in all of us to stand forth in the cause of global justice and equality, and in that spirit, members of the CLBC called upon the State of California to take action in1986. Then Assemblywoman Maxine Waters led the legislative charge for California state pension funds to dispose of over $8.3 billion of stocks in companies that did business with South Africa. It was one of the first and most significant efforts in this country for a state to use economic pressure on multinational corporations as a lever to persuade South Africa to abandon apartheid.”

“On behalf of my colleagues of the California Legislative Black Caucus, we salute the life of Nelson Mandela, and as legislators we re-commit ourselves to follow his example. May God bless his family and the people of South Africa; rest in peace “Tata,” no one is more deserving of it than you.”