CA Legislative Black Caucus Unveils 2018 Priority Legislation

March 15, 2018

Sacramento – The California Legislative Black Caucus (CLBC) proudly announce its CLBC 2018 legislative and budget priorities.

“The needs, desires, and priorities of Black Californians are reflected in the legislation the Caucus is leading this year,” said CLBC Chair, Chris Holden (AD 41). “The CLBC is proclaiming victories in education, economic advancement, and overall quality of life. I am committed to the Caucus’ objectives of social, economic, and educational justice.”

“I am currently working on legislation to reverse the damaging effects of some of our state’s outdated, overly punitive, and ineffective sentencing laws, which have disproportionately impacted generations of African Americans,” said CLBC’s Second Vice Chair, Senator Steven Bradford (SD 35). “Similarly, it is a priority of mine to ensure that those returning to our communities are not set-up for failure and have a pathway to become contributing members of society,” continued Bradford.  “As Californians have overwhelmingly voted to legalize the recreational use of cannabis, it is important to me that this burgeoning industry reflects the diversity of California, and in particular, includes those who have fallen victim to our nation’s failed war on drugs.  I look forward to announcing legislation related to equity in the cannabis industry soon.”

 “Our legislative priorities reinforce our belief that helping Blacks in California will undoubtedly end up helping all Californians,” added Assemblywoman Dr. Shirley Weber (AD 79), First Vice-Chair of the Caucus. “CLBC is committed to shaping our state’s public policy agenda for the betterment of everyone in our communities across the state.”

The legislative package includes Assembly Bill 2635 by Assemblymember Weber which adds African Americans to the local control funding formula (LCFF). By adding this subgroup to the LCFF, it is projected that $360 million will be redirected to schools that serve Black students. Adding this subgroup has a great budgetary demand which qualifies this bill for both budgetary and legislative priority. Members voted unanimously to champion the following bills and budget asks which make up the CLBC’s 2018 legislative package.

Budget Priorities

AB-2635 Weber: Education finance: local control funding formula: supplemental grants: lowest performing pupil subgroup or subgroups.

California African American Museum – $6,775,000; $6.45 Million (One Time), $325,000 (Ongoing)

Legislative Priorities

AB-2635 Weber: Education finance: local control funding formula: supplemental grants: lowest performing pupil subgroup or subgroups.

AB-2918 Holden: Vehicles: Driver’s Handbook

SB-982 Mitchell: CalWORKS Grants

Endorsed Bills

•             AB-2289 Weber: Pupil Rights: Pregnant and Parenting Pupils

•             AB-2550 Weber: CA Dignity Act

•             AB-1940 McCarty: Parole: Reintegration Credits

•             AB-1488 Thurmond: County Juvenile Transition Centers

•             AB-1916 Cooper: Civil Service: Personnel Classification Plan: Salary Equalization

•             AB-3046 Gipson: Foster care: rights

•             AB-3115 Gipson: Prisoners: Civic Education

•             AB-1892 Jones-Sawyer: CalFresh

•             AB-3039 Holden: Occupational Licensing for the Previously Incarcerated

•             AB-2747 Holden: College Athlete Protection

•             AB-2444 Burke: Pupil Health: Eye and Vision Health

•             ACR-177 Jones-Sawyer: Intergenerational Trauma: Epigenetics

•             SB-439 Mitchell: Jurisdiction of Juvenile Court