CA Legislative Black Caucus Responds to Stephon Clark: Demands Answers and Protection of All Citizens

March 29, 2018

Sacramento – California Legislative Black Caucus (CLBC) takes pride in advocating for Black Californians and recognizes the gravity of this responsibility. Therefore, it is imperative that we address the atrocity that happened in our very own city, Sacramento. It is disheartening that despite training, we see the same story replaying with different victims – unarmed people stripped from their children, wives, parents, and friends. It pains us that the Sacramento Police Department, and others around the country, would rather gun down an innocent man than to adhere to protocol that would keep everyone safe.

Perhaps it is time that we consider the protocols that would allow for proper investigation of suspected persons and the fair, effective evaluation of the acting officers. Upon the release of the body cam footage of the assailing officers, it is even more apparent that something must to be done. If the officer can’t see what is in a person’s hand, beyond a reasonable doubt, perhaps we should be less inclined to pull the trigger killing mothers and fathers, sons and daughters. Perhaps the training protocol of officers must be revised from what was done in the 1960s. How much longer must our people suffer, be gun downed, be accused and convicted before given the benefit of a doubt? How much longer must we live by the Black Codes? How much longer must our lives be valued less than stray dogs?

Stephon Alonzo Clark affectionately known as Zo deserves to be with his family. He deserves respect and justice.  He was stripped of his dignity with the officers cuffing him after seeing that he was no longer alive. He was stripped of his 2 children who will now have to grow up without a father. The Caucus will continue to be engaged as the investigation continues to unfold.  

The residents of Sacramento deserve answers. The mother of Stephon Clark deserves an answer. The children deserve an answer. As lawmakers, and law enforcers, it is our duty to the people of California, and our children for generations to come, to provide accountability from our actions. The CLBC eagerly awaits the results from the SPD investigation and anticipate justice to be rightfully and swiftly served. Just as police lives matter, so do Black Lives.

Please keep his family in your prayers. Keep Sacramento in your thoughts. And keep the faith that tomorrow will be better than yesterday.