Black Caucus Statement on Minnesota’s Swift Actions in Death of George Floyd

May 29, 2020

Black Caucus Statement on Minnesota’s Swift Actions in Death of George Floyd

Earlier this week, millions watched as another Black life was taken before our eyes by the brutal and callous actions of a Minneapolis Police officer. There were other officers who could have helped him but did not. They instead preferred to stand by and watch as their colleague killed an unarmed man. There were bystanders who wanted to help him but could not because of the uniforms, guns and badges that stood in the way. George Floyd was 46. His life mattered, and he and his family deserve justice.

The California Legislative Black Caucus (CLBC) is relieved that the officers involved were swiftly fired. We also applaud the Hennepin County Attorney's office for moving forward with third-degree murder and manslaughter charges against former officer Derek Chauvin. This action sends a clear message that a badge is not a license to kill with impunity. Our hope is that more prosecutors, including those in California, would step up and bring officers to justice who disregard human life.

The CLBC stands with its brothers and sisters in our shared trauma, fear and exhaustion from being Black in a country that continues to fail to recognize our humanity.

Today is the first anniversary of the passage of AB 392 in the Assembly. This legislation changed how officers use deadly force in California. It was a tough fight for the Caucus, but a significant move forward toward safer policing. There is much to do, and CLBC members are committed to shining a light on these challenging issues and forging policies to address them.