PG&E, AT&T, and Southern California Edison Donate Money to Cover Black Caucus Scholarships Awarded From Account Controlled by Durkee

September 15, 2011

Sacramento – Senator Curren D. Price, Jr., Chair of the California Legislative Black Caucus,  announced Wednesday that PG&E, AT&T and Southern California Edison have offered to donate an undisclosed amount of money to help cover $51,000 in scholarship checks that the Caucus awarded to students from a frozen bank account that was maintained by accountant Kinde Durkee.

After a lengthy investigation, the FBI arrested Durkee last week and charged her with fraud involving at least $670,000, but expected to reach in the millions as authorities continue their investigation of the hundreds of accounts Durkee managed.

“Unfortunately, the Legislative Black Caucus Policy Institute is unable to cover the checks awarded to our scholarship recipients because the banks have frozen all accounts, including ours, as a result of the Federal Investigation into the Kinde Durkee case,” said Senator Price. “We had awarded $51,000 in scholarships to 51 students about two weeks ago from our Caucus Policy Institute 501(C) (3) account.

“As Caucus Chair, I am trying to raise money in order to fund these scholarships as soon as possible. This is a shameful situation that is impacting these students, who have worked hard to earn these scholarships.

“We are so appreciative and encouraged at the generosity of these good corporate citizens who have stepped up to the plate to help these students, some of whom would be unable to attend college without this money.” said Senator Price.