CLBC Member's Priority Legislation


AB 256 – Expands the definition of falsification or removal of evidence to include any digital image or video recording.

AB 1012 - Prohibits school districts from assigning any pupil enrolled in a school in the school district to a course period without educational content because there are not sufficient curricular course offerings for the pupil to take during the relevant period of the designated schooldays.


SB 232 – Authorizes the state-appointed administrator of a school district to request the advice and assistance of the collaborative.

SB 779 – Requires Skilled Nursing Facilities to maintain a minimum patient to Certified Nursing Assistant ratio.


AB 474 – Increases Supplemental Security Income/State Supplementary Payment (SSI/SSP) grants for individuals from $899 per month, to $1,099 per month. The bill restores cuts that were made in 2009 and adds an additional $233 per month in order stay ahead of the federal poverty line.  

AB 710 – Requires the local control funding formula for public schools sytems to Include a youth, who is on probation, as an unduplicated pupil.


AB 907 – Requires the Superintendent of Public Instruction to certify, by name, any regional occupational center or program, county office of education, or adult education program, that provides a program of training to prepare adult students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation, to legally authorize the center, program, or office to provide an educational program beyond secondary education, including an education program that leads to a degree or certificate.   

AB 1393 – Authorizes the California Pollution Control Financing Authority to lend financial assistance, including, but not limited to, grants, loans, credit enhancements, and other incentives.


AB 390 – Allows for restoration of DNA sample collection for crimes which were previously felonies but were reclassified as misdemeanors by Proposition 47.

AB 989 – Requires that in cases where a juvenile record has been sealed and the youth subsequently returns to the custody of the juvenile court, probation may access limited information to develop a case plan to best address the treatment needs of the minor.


AB 383– Requires a primary care clinic to offer each patient who receives primary care services in the clinic, and conduct upon agreement, a hepatitis C screening or diagnostic test and would specify the manner in which the results of that test are provided.

AB 1228 – Requests the regents and the trustees to explore methods of using the admissions-by-exemption category to assist the transition of students in foster care into 4-year public institutions of higher education.


AB 148 – Proposes to place a general obligation bond on the statewide ballot in 2016 that will cover all projects that have been approved by the state, and projects that have been submitted, but not yet approved.

AB 288 – Removes limits to Concurrent Enrollment by authorizing California Community College district to enter into formal partnership agreements with local school districts.


AB 47 – Expands on last year’s final budget signed by the Governor and expands the state preschool program for over 30,000 low income families who do not have access to one year of state preschool, transitional kindergarten or Head Start.

AB 86 – Creates within the Department of Justice, an independent review process to investigate and provide an independent review of peace officer involved shootings and other uses of force resulting in death.


AB 446 – Extends the operation of the Baldwin Hills Conservancy indefinitely.

AB 755 – Provides a tax exemption for small businesses adjacent to the Crenshaw/LAX Corridor that are impacted by the rail transit construction.


AB 1014 – Establishes Our Children’s Success – the Early Intervention Attendance Grant for schools seeking to resolve chronic attendance problems for children in grades K-3.   

AB 1025 – Establishes a school pilot program to implement and evaluate multi-tiered systems of support that integrate mental health, school climate, and education interventions.


AB 66 – Establishes requirements if a law enforcement agency requires its officers to wear body-worn cameras.

AB 1495 – Requires the governing board of each school district to evaluate and assess certificated employee performance as it reasonably relates to pupil achievement and pupil outcomes.


SB 23 – Repeals the harmful and discriminatory Maximum Family Grant rule which unfairly punishes babies born into poverty by denying them aid under CalWORKS. 

SB 227 – Prohibits the use of a criminal grand jury when evidence indicates a peace officer’s use of excessive force or a firearm may have contributed to the death of a civilian.

SB 359 – Requires that academic placement policies include objective measures that consider a series of assessments into placement consideration to avoid holding students back from advancing to higher level mathematics courses, despite demonstrated proficiency.