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2023 Legislative Priorities

All bills prioritized and supported by the CLBC meet the objective of the caucus: Economic Security, Educational Equity, Racial and Social Justice

ACA 4 (Bryan) - Restoring Voting Rights – This measure would repeal the requirement regarding the disqualification of electors incarcerated for felony convictions, thereby authorizing an otherwise qualified elector serving a state or federal prison term for the conviction of a felony to vote.

ACA 7 (Jackson) – Proposition 209 Waiver – ACA 7 seeks to create a Proposition 209 waiver, subject to approval by the Governor, to use state funds to increase the life expectancy of, improve educational outcomes for, or lift out of poverty, specific ethnic groups or marginalized genders.

ACA 8 (Wilson) - End Slavery in California – This measure would prohibit slavery in any form, including forced labor compelled by the use or threat of physical or legal coercion.

SB 16 (Smallwood-Cuevas) – Fair Employment and Housing Act Enforcement – This bill would specify that local enforcement agencies may enforce prohibitions against discrimination in employment and housing.

SB 50 (Bradford) - Vehicles: enforcement – This bill would prohibit a peace officer from stopping or detaining the operator of a motor vehicle or bicycle for a low-level infraction, as defined, unless a separate, independent basis for a stop exists.

SB 51 (Bradford) – Cannabis Provisional Licenses – The bill would authorize the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) to issue a provisional license for local cannabis equity applicants for retail activities for up to five years, if the applicant meets the requirements of the Department.

AB 280 (Holden) - Solitary Confinement – This bill would require every jail, prison, public or privately operated detention facility, and a facility in which individuals are subject to confinement or involuntary detention to develop and follow written procedures governing the management of segregated confinement and to make those written procedures publicly available. The bill would require those facilities to document the use of segregated confinement by, among other things, providing written orders of that confinement to the individual confined, as specified.

AB 360 (Gipson) – Banning of “Excited Delirium” – Assembly Bill 360 aims to ban the term “excited delirium” as a legitimate diagnosis or cause of death for those who have lost their lives while in police custody.

AB 912 (Jones-Sawyer) – Strategic Anti-Violence Funding Efforts – The SAFE Act reinvests cost savings from prison closures into programs that reduce violence, provide diversion opportunities, and deliver critical community support including mental health, education, and vocational services.

AB 1327 (Weber) – Racism in High School Sports – This bill would require the California Department of Education, in consultation with community organization that represent the interests of ethnic groups and communities of color, to develop a standardized incident form to track hate violence and hazing incidents that occurs at high school sporting games or sporting events and post results on their internet website.