2021 Legislative Agenda

All bills prioritized and supported by the CLBC meet the objective of the caucus: Social, Economic and Educational Justice.

Legislative Priorities

SB 2             Bradford         Kenneth Ross Jr. Police Decertification Act of 2021

Creates a statewide process to revoke the certification of a law enforcement officer that has committed serious misconduct and strengthens the Tom Bane Civil Rights Act to prevent law enforcement abuses and other civil rights violations. 


AB 22           McCarty          Universal Transitional Kindergarten          

Extends universal access to full-day transitional kindergarten programs to all 4 year olds statewide at no cost to families, while also implementing quality improvements to address the social-emotional and early academic development of young learners.


AB 26           Holden            Duty to Intervene     

Establishes clear guidelines for police accountability and responsibility while demonstrating a duty to intercede and report when witnessing excessive force by another member of law enforcement.  Specifically, this bill incorporates additional measures used to establish a peace officer’s “Duty to Intercede,” and provides certain outcomes for failure to intercede.                 


AB 118         Kamlager       CRISES Act Pilot Program

Requires the Office of Emergency Services to establish rules and regulations for the administration of a five-year pilot of an emergency response program.   


Support Bills


AB 89         Jones-Sawyer   Peace Officers Education and Age Conditions for Employment                                                             (PEACE) Act

Increases minimum qualifying age for peace officers from 18 to 21 years of age. By January 1, 2025, all new peace officers must also have either a newly developed associate’s degree in modern policing or a bachelor’s degree.  


AB 105            Holden            Upward Mobility Act of 2021

Reforms the civil service process in the following four categories: exams, compliance, the appeals process and annual parity goals for upward mobility.


AB 316              Cooper              Pay Equity State Civil Service Employees

Requires the Department of Human Resources to evaluate all civil service classifications on a biennial basis and prepare a detailed report on gender and ethnicity wage disparity, as well as the underrepresentation of women and minorities in each agency.


AB 948              Holden              Fair Appraisal Act

Requires a licensed real estate broker, broker-salesperson, or salesperson, upon first interaction with a property buyer, to provide a document informing the property buyer of the opportunity to report, through the Department of Consumer Affairs’ internet website or telephone number, any suspicion of a discriminatory appraisal by the holder of a real estate appraiser license.


AB 1165           Gipson             Tear Gas Ban in Juvenile Facilities

Prohibits the use or storage of chemical agents inside or on the grounds of juvenile facilities. The bill would require defined entities to dispose of all chemical agents in its possession on or before December 31, 2022.


AB 1425           Gipson             CA Advanced Services Fund Broadband Public Housing Account

Seeks to ensure that all low-income residents in publicly-subsidized housing have access to and can use high-speed internet / broadband services sufficient to support distance learning, telehealth, and public safety to assist them in getting out of poverty.


AB 1407           Burke                  Implicit Bias Education for Registered Nurses

Requires Implicit Bias Education for Registered Nurses.